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And Toto 2 Pet Sitting safeguards your keys by tagging and coding them in a manner that offers protection in the event of loss or theft. Following first-time service, we return keys to you per your instructions. After a second service period, if you choose for us to retain keys, you must pay $10 for pickup and return of keys for all future service. Keys are never left under a mat or outside of your residence. We only return them to you personally.


You are required to notify us of anyone who has keys to your home, and whether anyone may be entering the residence during the service period. Please call when you return from your trip to end service period. For the welfare of your pet, if an emergency situation arises where you are unreachable by phone, we will continue to make and charge for visits until you let us know of your return. A 30-day notice is required when ending daily walks.

Golden Retriever Dog - Overnight Pet Care


Our company does not allow anyone into your home without prior notification from you, expect for emergency personnel. Visitor must have identification. If any neighbor, family member, friend, or other representative enters your home during a service period, And Toto 2 Pet Sitting is not responsible for damage or loss of your property or pets.

Job Sharing

And Toto 2 Pet Sitting does not "job share" with any of your acquaintances. This is for insurance purposes and to avoid any confusion.

Pet Aggression

We require you to inform us of any history of aggression by your pet, prior to service period.


It is your responsibility to ensure gates and fences are secure and safe for your pet. We are not responsible for injury, health, theft, or death of any pets left outside.

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